Modern busy lifestyles often negate the possibility of owning and maintaining that dream 600 litre aquarium. Equally with space at a premium we may not want such a dominant feature taking up valuable living space. But that shouldn't mean we have to give up on our dreams to own a stunning aquarium.

The ethos behind the IQ is quite simple. Take all the quality and feel of the flagship LINEA and CONTURA and shrink it all down to a size that will fit in any situation whilst still standing out as a unique and beautiful feature that exudes quality and purpose.

The IQ-CONCEPT is available in 3 stunning high gloss finishes and can be used as a freshwater or marine Nano. Other features include lighting choices that attach to the attractive and functional back wall of the aquarium, and various overflow and filter options. 

Be It home, office, reception area or waiting room, The IQ-CONCEPT fits perfectly into any situation.